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Everything you need to know about Amber Park in Singapore

Amber Park the solo standing beautiful condominium structure is located at 14 Amber Gardens, in Singapore. This exquisite property, along with adjacent Amber Road and the neighboring Amber Gardens, is getting developed jointly by City/Cityzens Developments Limited (CDL) and Joint Venture Partner with Hong Realty, offering luxurious living to its residents. The joint venture development is slated to complete by the year 2023 and offers you a great locale at competitive prices while extending all benefits of a modern living place to you.

Amber Park Luxury Features

In line with its luxury living theme, this exquisitely designed property offers several amenities to its residents so that they are not constrained in terms of leisure options while staying here. Given that our beautifully crafted property is built for family-oriented living without compromise in luxury, we offer facilities within the premise that make your stay here a great experience.

· We have a beautiful children’s park within the premises, for all the children of Amber Park. Not only does this give your child a wonderful outdoors playing area, but you can also rest assured and not have to worry about your child constantly, as this is a contained area.

· Our entire facility is under 24/7 surveillance through cameras. Moreover, our security personnel is present round the clock to ensure your stay is safe and secure by curtailing any unsolicited interference from outsiders.

· We have taken care of the parking requirements of the residents by providing for parking space

· For those who love sports, we have the Singapore Sports Complex, which is less than 7–10 mins drive away.

· The Chinese Swimming Club is situated in the south of Amber Park, which is an excellent choice for those who like swimming.

· For tennis lovers, there also is a tennis court facility that can be availed of.


Everything you need to know about Affinity at Serangoon in Singapore

Affinity at Serangoon appears to be all ready to enhance the overall appeal and allure of the neighborhood. As the first step towards this enhancement, it is presenting upmarket homes for the current residents of the Serangoon area. This offer is also being extended to the buyers, who seek to enjoy their dream living near the Serangoon Gardens in the landed housing estate.

This housing estate is surely one of its kind. Being fully embellished with classical architecture and creative aesthetics it stands tall among all of the neighboring landed estates. Its top-quality residential units and multiple varieties of units compliment the landed homes. The Affinity at Serangoon comprises 1,052-units planned and executed by a consortium of giants in the developer’s industry. The consortium is led by Oxley Holdings and includes SLB Development, KSH Holdings, and Apricot Capital.

Affinity at Serangoon is one of the most enduring residential projects among other housing development projects in the area. It came as a redevelopment plan for the HUDC estate, Serangoon Ville.

The remarkable offers:

Affinity at Serangoon is offering 1,002 apartments with multiple bedroom combinations, ranging from one to four. There are 474 normal bedroom units with 1,711 sq. ft., area. Affinity at Serangoon also embraces 10 penthouses with an area ranging from 1,550 to 1,701 sq. ft. The 40 townhouses with 2,056 to 2,347 sq. ft. area also stand as an enduring attraction for the buyers.

The Affinity at Serangoon experienced a record-breaking success rate. With its sales launch last June, 76 units were sold within the first week of sales. $1,565 psf came as the average selling price of these units. The two townhouses sold within this first week of sales were sold for around $2.39 million and $2.33 million. This remarkable selling price speaks for the attraction Affinity at Serangoon holds for its potential buyers.

The project is still cherishing the same success rate. The 563 units sold to date account for almost 53% of total units. This rapid sale within a year is surely record-breaking and the result is an increased average sale price which has reached $1,490 psf for the condo units and an even more price of $1,486 psf for the lavish townhouses.

Variable family accommodation Units:

This project is a well-organized and well-planned one. The design of the project has been made keeping in mind traditional family requirements and preferences. Consequently the one-bedroom unit with 474 to 689 sq. ft. area easily fits a queen-sized bed. The three and four-bedroom units entail even larger space. These units cherish vast areas ranging from 1,410 to 1,711 sq. ft. This enormous area provides generous living space and dining area for average-sized families.

Just as the demand for the Affinity at Serangoon project has increased it has attracted some multi-generational families to take up some units. There is an attractive option for various multi-generation families which is obvious by a healthy purchase rate of townhouses. These large family units denoted as strata houses are open for sale and almost 40% of these houses have been purchased to date. These are total 40 units of two-story strata houses offering four to five-bedrooms accompanied with an attractive backyard. For a very few units, the backyard also embraces a fascinating pool.

The demand for these units has increased so much that nowadays it has now become difficult to find strata landed houses with the best architecture and utmost facilities.

Cross Island boost:

The Affinity at Serangoon project received sales up thrust this year after the documented launch of the future Cross Island MRT Line. These details were made public on Jan 25. This cross-island is Serangoon North, located around 300meters away from the condo, which will serve as the future stations. This announcement has attracted a lot of potential buyers and has created a lot of momentum in the residential industry of the area.

The Cross Island Line- providing the enduring benefits to Affinity at Serangoon. As the station is a few minutes’ walks from Affinity at Serangoon it has certainly provided an enhanced convenience to all the visitors and the residents. This has made the project come in prominent limelight of news and media. All this news gave a tremendous uplift to Affinity at Serangoon. At the weekend over 26 and 27 January, a record sale of 31 units was recorded. This pattern continued in the following weeks. The authorities have recorded a sale of around 70 units for the period Jan 26 to February 7. All this totals to 390 units sold maintaining a 37% sale of total units.

The beneficial Cross Island Line will boost the already existing high degree of connection and access to the residents of Affinity at Serangoon. The area is blessed to be acquainted with Circle Line. To its north-east is Serangoon MRT Interchange Station which connects it to Central Expressway, Seletar Expressway, and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway.

Serangoon Gardens plea:

The Serangoon Garden is all circled with architectural and luxurious attractions. On one side it is embracing the popular Chomp Chomp Food Centre along Kensington Park Road. The other side of the neighborhood is cherishing the amenities including Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre and myVillage. Shophouses and commercial bodies serving in Serangoon Gardens supplement retail offerings of F&B. As an additional treat, the area comes under proximity to NEX Mall lying overhead the Serangoon station.

All this commercial access and connection has made Affinity at Serangoon the dream living for the residents. It is positioned with a rich architectural inheritance and has a comparatively laid-back atmosphere but at the same time maintains moderate proximity to amenities.

Not only are the retail bodies accessible but the basic utilities like educational institutes are no far from Affinity at Serangoon. Rosyth Primary School is just 1km away from Affinity at Serangoon. Other educational institutions located in the neighborhood are Nanyang Junior College and Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ Secondary School.

Affinity at Serangoon is an ideal residence with closely located business centers, transport connectivity, and industrial landmarks. With the ownership of these units, the buyers will surely cherish the capital appreciation and a source of rental income.

Condo Name: Affinity At Serangoon

Address: 130 Serangoon Ave North 1 Singapore 550130

Telephone: +6563879196

Opening Hours: 9am — 8pm


Go Smart Home in 2019

Have you watched the latest advertisement by Google, which featured Macaulay Culkin reprising the 90’s classic Home Alone but with a smart home. Well, that’s the world today. Years ago, accessing the internet from our phones was revolutionary. Today, accessing the internet is just a must. Aside from the internet taking a large space in our lives, smart devices are just booming and developing more by the year to make our lives much easier.

Home appliances are often used a lot in our daily lives. It is evident that they complement our hi-tech lifestyle with their countless advantages. But what are the benefits of living in a smart home?

Benefits of living in a smart home

Before we list the advantages of living in a smart home, we need to mention that a large portion of the success and of relying on smart devices and smart appliances are about smart home automation. That is keeping all of your devices connected in one common network.

  1. Managing your house through one device Thanks to automation, this will save you the burden of managing all appliances separately, but commanding them only from one dashboard or one device. This is to be done through mobile applications that are specialized in this managing smart homes and that are compatible with your devices and appliances.
  2. Saving time That’s the most obvious benefit from living a smart life in a smart home. With smart appliances and smart-home automation, you will save a lot of time managing your home from afar. You will be able to heat the oven and turn on the air conditioner a while before you arrive. Hence, saving yourself the inconvenience and the time. Alexa now can give you advice on how to cook and turn on your microwave for you.
  3. Enhancing the security of your home If you integrate a smart security system into your home management interface, you will be able to better secure your home and enjoy staying at home without having to worry about it with ring smart doorbell series by Amazon, which provide you with an indoor/outdoor camera.
  4. Highly flexible Smart home systems are often compatible with all the latest models and designs of appliances. These systems are somehow costly, therefore you are not expected to change them for years, but you can always add or replace an appliance or a device, and that’s why they are designed to replace and integrate with new models.
  5. Saving energy Although it might sound like you will be consuming more energy, you smart-home automation will actually decrease the amount of power your devices use. Think of heaters and air conditioners, if you can use some of google’s latest smart thermostat to measure and detect the most suitable temperature for you, they will automatically change the temperature of these devices and possibly consume less energy.
  6. Better manage your lifestyle Smart devices will always give you insights on your behavior. This is the whole point behind all the data they store. Hence, you will constantly be able to monitor the amount of time you spend on you television or while cooking, or as simple as how much time you spend at home.

Improve Your Home Audio System

Music is like medicine to a soul. It engulfs your body, makes it warm and soothes the heart. It touches where many cannot and leaves your body lit with energy
and happiness, ready to make some amazing dancing moves.
But, how you installed your audio system will determine whether you will enjoy your favourite song or not. A sound system that constantly goes off or
produces low-quality sound, can get you annoyed and stressed how you would get a new sound system.
Avoid the stress of purchasing a new sound system with the following ways on how to improve the sound system of your house.
Carefully, evaluate the suitability of a room
The room you select will ultimately affect your speaker’s or hoofer’s sound. Examine the room, if it’s overly designed with hard walls, wood, glass, and tiles,
they can produce an echo of the song, which may interfere with the quality sound.
When selecting a room, go for a room with an irregular layout. Avoid squire and rectangle layout, they may not work well.
Position your speakers at strategic places
The position your speakers also matters. Place them one at the centre, on the right and left of the central speaker. moreover, Place the two (left and right)
speakers in front, almost the same distance from the centre speaker, facing each other.
If you have subwoofers, place one in your bedroom or kitchen, but they can be placed anywhere in the house.

Buy high-quality cables
Wires are some of the necessary items that connect speakers and subwoofers to the home theatre. If you buy generic cables, be sure they can get damaged any
time. And may result in a dull bass and blurred sound.
To get the best sound for your system always buy quality, durable wires that will last long unlike low-quality cables that may need replacement often. Buy,
gauge 12 and above wires, you will find them in most entertainment equipment dealers shops.
Do the necessary settings on the amp
Sometimes you may think that you sound system faulty, but to your surprise, the settings have not been adjusted to suit your desired needs. For instance, base,
mid or high. A sound system or even a TV set comes with a manual book containing all the details about the system.

To set the sound system, use the manual book to adjust the amplifier. Furthermore, they have illustration drawings similar to the amp and might be of help as
you fix the sound system.
Chang your listening position
A nicely installed audio system offers the best sound quality. However, how you position yourself may interfere with your listening experience. For example,
choosing to sit behind a speaker.
Remember the speakers are arranged to make it easier for you to listen to the best audio sounds. Therefore, you should pick a spot that is epicentral to the
speakers and the home theatre.
In conclusion
Improving your, sound system doesn’t require rocket science to understand. Its simple and you can use the tips in this article to adjust and improve the sound
system of your home. However, when things go south and you are unable to adjust and install the sound system, seek the help of an expert near your